Get Started

Indigo Private Label is here to help grow your business, whether you are starting a brand new cosmetic line or are looking to accommodate new additions to your collection.

1. Let’s Get to Know Each Other.

You’ve probably begun your research into private label manufacturing and we understand it can be a complex journey. We want to make the process enjoyable. Let’s set up an initial consultation to better understand how we can meet your needs. We would like to discuss your vision and goals and identify how our services and facilities can best work with your budget and timeline. The call or visit is absolutely free so please contact us to find a time that works best for you.

2. Develop Your Brand.

Identify your vision to best choose the products that are right for you. Need help developing your brand? Our marketing consultants can work with you to solidify the image to best reach your target market. Make sure you know which colors and formulas your customer is looking for before jumping into manufacturing. Whether you’re just starting out or have an already establishing business, our high-quality formulas and prestigious looking packaging options will fit any vision to deliver the ideal products to your customer.

3. Selecting Your Products.

Based on your objective, we can create a package that will best match your distribution. Following our initial consultation, we will put together a sample package for you to try as well as a suggested color palette. If you are interested in contract manufacturing, we will begin the process by preparing the ingredient deck and developing samples for you to test. We know how important it may be for you to continuously test your products; from scent and color to consistency and results. We promise to work with you until the formula is just right.

4. Make It Yours.

Your brand, your label. Indigo promises you will not have to worry about disguising your private label techniques with our dynamic packaging options. While we do offer basic black cosmetic containers, we can also work with you to find the packaging that best matches your brand. Finding the right materials at a low cost that will meet your minimum can be difficult. We will source high quality packaging that will fit your needs. Our graphic designers can also help you create your labels and promotional materials. Indigo guarantees private label manufacturing that is cost-efficient and all you.

Your success is our success.